Why Laser Hair Removal is the Right Choice for You!


DDC Technologies



 Enjoyed by clients of all different races and genders, laser hair removal has become the premier option for achieving permanently smooth and flawless skin. With FDA approval and new optic technology, the procedure has proven to be safe,  effective, and pain-free leaving clients beyond satisfied with the results.


How Does it Work?

Laser hair removal uses the power of light and heat to prevent hair growth at the root creating a more permanent solution for hair removal compared to waxing or shaving.  Laser technology targets hair by using a highly concentrated beam of light which is absorbed by the hair’s natural pigment to burn the hair follicle and prevent further growth. This approach eliminates the possibility of any new hair leaving smooth, flawless skin and saving clients time, money, and the hassle of other hair removal methods. 


How Do You Benefit?

  • It removes hair (a given, yes) PERMANENTLY
  • With any kind of hair removal, the desired outcome is the same: no more hair. ith laser hair removal, the effect is permanent. Shaving and waxing require repeat and continuous maintenance costing hundreds per year in products, services, and discomfort without the guarantee of long term results. . Laser hair removal treatment eliminates all of these drawbacks and can be targeted to any part of the body regardless of sensitivity so clients can be sure they are always looking their best. 

  • It saves two precious things: TIME & MONEY
  • Laser hair removal requires the use of cutting edge technology to create the long lasting benefits of hairless, smooth skin. While some clients may require more sessions than others depending on hair type and color, pricing for laser hair removal is well worth the results, especially compared with other, less effective options. According to a new study seen in Harper Bazaar, the “average woman spends roughly $29,000 to wax away unwanted hair” over the course of a lifetime while someone who opts to shave spends “about $8,000 on grooming” throughout their lives.  Using laser hair removal, a few sessions at a total average cost of $1,500 (full-body procedure) will yield even better results saving thousands of dollars and with the added benefit of eliminating the hassle of hair removal forever! 

  • It’s Pain-free
  • Shaving? It comes with the occasional nicks and cuts, tweezing resulting in bumpy skin, and waxing is known for causing rashes and skin irritation if done incorrectly. With laser hair removal, the procedure is clean and simple: no sticky gels and no messy creams. Laser hair removal also works to eliminate ingrown hairs, preventing additional discomfort down the line. The full-body parameters of the treatment truly encompass any surface such as the face, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini areas helping you and your skin look perfectly groomed.